We search on your behalf

without you having to travel

Do you live too far away to visit every new opportunity?

Flying or driving back and forth, renting a car, accommodation costs, … the search for a foreign property requires a lot of time, money and effort and sometimes frustration mounts after multiple viewings that don’t meet all your expectations.

Moreover, your busy schedule does not always allow for a quick response and often, in addition to distance, the language could be a barrier.

Our search service is for buyers who want to find the ideal property in an efficient way, removing stress and hassle and without having to travel in vain.

As experts in the region where you’re looking to buy, we are here to find your property and negotiate the best purchase conditions for you.

Entrust us with your search
together we will find the home of your dreams

Beldemora is the partner you need to find your coup de coeur in 'le Sud Ouest'.

Together we go through all your preferences and requirements. This allows us to pre-select only appropriate properties for us to view on your behalf.

We do not only search through the known real estate channels. Through our extensive network, we also have access to properties that are not yet on the market or that are advertised only to a limited extent. 

After making a first selection, we will visit the property to see if it meets your expectations. After visiting it, we send you an extensive report with all the pros and cons, along with photos and useful documentation. We will also give you the option to participate in this visit by video. 

If you decide, after being well informed, to visit a property yourself, we will accompany you.

With our experience and knowledge of the local market, we are perfectly placed to negotiate your offer.

Let us search for the perfect property for you, without the stress and the fuss, and let us negotiate the right price for you.

We will give you the opportunity to participate in this visit by videoconference.


We will visit the property on your behalf and provide you with detailed information.

Have you seen the perfect property online?

You can also make partial use of our search service.

if you have seen a potential property online yourself but don’t have the time to travel to the South of France, we can view it for you and provide an independent assessment as to whether or not it meets your requirements.  

Or you can call on us to negotiate or to accompany you on a viewing.

For these services, we charge a fee for our working hours and our travelling expenses.

Entrust the sale of your property to beldemora

Are you looking for a real estate agent who knows how to bolster the saleability of your property and who uses innovative technics to sell it efficiently and at the right price?

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